Joseph Duze


Joseph Duze grew up on Sandy Hook at Fort Hancock where his father (a decorated WWI veteran) was the post tailor. After graduating from High School, he attended Virginia Tech where he majored in Chemical Engineering. He had to leave school during his junior year due to the illness and eventual death of his mom to help his dad.

He eventually left home and ended up in San Diego, California until the outbreak of WWII. He enlisted in the Army Air Corp. and and was sent first to North Africa the Italy.

After the war he returned to NYC where he met his future wife, Ruth. He became a piano tuner but always enjoyed photography as a hobby. He eventually got more serious with his photographing and joined the Jamaica Camera Club. As time went on he joined the Ralph Weiss Workshop and the Soho Gallery where he perfected his craft and exhibited his work. He also had work exhibited at the Queens Museum.

He passed away in 2007 after a long illness, and this site is dedicated to his memory.

Books by Joseph Duze