Michael Pettigrew

Washington DC area, USA

Michael’s interest in photography started, literally, in his back yard. Armed with his first 105mm macro lens and an entomology website, he was on a never-ending hunt to capture detailed images and to learn about the wide variety of insects found on his wooded property. Michael continues to be intrigued by the smallest of creatures and their intricacies.

Looking for a way to finance newer and more capable pieces of equipment, Michael began submitting photos to stock agencies. He was soon selling his signature photos of termites, mosquitoes, butterflies and more recently photos of people, their events as well as his beloved pets. Michael finds amusement and pride when his friends or family tell him they have seen one of his stock photos in an unexpected place!

Michael’s scope of photography subjects has grown to include capturing the memories of special life events such as weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.