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From a childhood fascination with cameras to a developed skill set that has sent me around the world, photography is one of the most treasured pieces of my life. Through high school and college I worked under other professionals in Tennessee and now work as a full-time wedding photographer based in Nashville! Occasionally I've been given opportunities to photograph European weddings, document medical mission teams, or travel thousands of miles to shoot sweeping foreign landscapes. No matter what the location or subject matter is, I take every opportunity to create beautiful works of art, capturing the emotion of each moment from a unique perspective.
As I collected more and more photographs from my travels, I began looking for new ways to share my favorite images with people. That's when I put together my book of Chilean landscapes! It went over so well that I then published a similar book from the British Isles, and I hope to produce more in the future. Enjoy!

Areas of Expertise

Photography, Landscape Photography, Portrait Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Photo Editing, Video editing, Wedding Photography, Photojournalism,

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