Jan Bisbjerg


About the author

Street photography
After several years as a mainstream hobby photographer with focus on holiday, family and leisure, Jan Bisbjerg took a quantum leap and became a street photographer in 2010.

Throughout most of his life, Jan has worked with human interaction, communication and dissemination.

Jan thrives in crowds and in public spaces, where he uses varied and situation-adapted photo gear to mirror and interpret the fascinating events of everyday life.

In particular Jan sees the challenge in the paradox inherent to street photography:
* On the one hand, everything is so simple. Grab your camera, leave the house, start shooting
* And, on the other hand, really good street photography demands so much in terms of personal and technical skills.

Children's books
In 2013 Jan was encouraged by his grandchildren to write down his bedtime stories. No sooner said than done. Till now the three first stories are available in danish.

Books by Jan Bisbjerg