Jane Willson Art

San Francisco, CA

I'm a figurative painter and a writer, drawn to historical narratives. I love to research, analyze my findings, write visually, and paint in a magical realism style. I embrace both traditional and digital painting tools in my arts practice.

My current creative focus surrounds the worldwide cultural roots of fairytales. This focus has evolved into an artist book series that illuminates the tale of Red Riding Hood as a cherished cultural object: a tale that changes though time, place, and new technologies to spawn an infinite cycle of global retellings.

Areas of Expertise

As an artist and writer, I have cross trained for decades in both the visual and verbal arts--a complimentary duality that has led me to innovative day jobs, dynamic collaborations, a creative consultancy, and the fortuitous chance to pursue my own passions in my creative work.

My areas of expertise surround words and pictures--shaping them into visual narrative books and movies, traditional paintings, digital art, and public art exhibitions.

Professional Affiliations

I'm a member of the celebrated Howard Munson's Book Arts Salon in San Francisco (by invitation only), San Francisco Center for the Book, San Francisco Women's Political Committee, Community advocate for San Francisco's Mission District 9 pool, San Francisco Recreation and Parks Aquatics Advisory Board.

Books by Jane Willson Art