Kaleidoscope Photography

Northwest United States

Photography is a world of documentation and creativity. Combining the two meaningfully requires a clear understanding of the art form. Jan Landis, a true artist, has that gift. From her first photographs taken as a child in Indiana with a Brownie box camera, to advanced photography classes at Indiana University, to continuing education, she developed a solid foundation in the aesthetic use of a camera.

When Jan’s children married and had their own children, she began using their celebrations as a way to further her creativity. A love of photographing people celebrating their treasured moments has broadened her vision to encompass all families.

Fascinated by exotic animals, Jan has volunteered at the Oregon Zoo since 1995. She has used this newfound knowledge of zoology to enhance her animal photo studies. Recently, her passion has been the documentation of life's most special moments - weddings, funerals, and portraits of a family's most important occasions.

Areas of Expertise

Capturing a family's most precious moments
Using my creativity for all those fleeting times, that capture life at its best
Working with my clients to create memories to last forever

Professional Affiliations

Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest, Urban Artist Network,

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