Jennifer Ball


Currently Jennifer Ball is a lesbian mother of two boys while working on her Bachelor in Fine Arts Degree at Indiana University of South Bend. After the completion of her BFA she plans to continue her education by seeking a Master in Fine Arts Degree. Some of her achievements in the art community include; Midwest Society for Photographic Education in Fall 2005 with "A Door into Spring", in December 2005 the 7th Annual Life in Michiana photography exhibit sponsored by the St. Joseph County Public Library in which she received a certificate for honorable mention and a cash prize for the photo entitled "Bonneville Mill", and on November 4, 2007 and again on November 6, 2007 the photo called "Jumping Spider "was aired on WNIT Public Television, a public television show called "Outdoor Elements" (Kelsy Zumbrun Producer / Director of Outdoor Elements)

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