Jeremiah True

Massachusetts, USA

In photography, my goal is to show people everyday things in a way they wouldn’t normally see them. My concentration is in "scenic" photography but not pretty pictures. I like to capture something, as I see it and relay that to the viewer. I don't use lots of filters or fancy tricks (usually), I just try to create genuine images that are true to the subject and scene.

I shoot primarily at night for my art photography. I enjoy the lights, colors, quiet and the fact that the image requires thought and consideration before taking it. That's not to say that other photography isn't equally deliberate or intentional, but when you are capturing an image for ten minutes, you want to make sure that it's not ten minutes wasted.

I began photographing at night while I was getting my degree to keep pace with the workload and assignments. The only time I had free to work the way I wanted to was at night. Once I saw that you could take pictures in the dark, I was hooked.

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