Jeannie Foxx-VanderMarliere

Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, USA

I started writing as a child. My uncle was a combat soldier in the Korean War, and I wrote letters to him every week. I write to entertain. I want to tell a story that will help the reader shed personal worries and concerns to become immersed in someone else's "real world."

I have been married 46 wonderful years and three ify years to the same man! (Com'on, no one has a totally "perfect" nearly 50 year marriage.) Together we raised our five children in all four time zones in the U.S. We had many adventures moving around the country and some of those adventures will be in future books. I am now retired from the business world and have time to indulge my passion to entertain with words.

Books by Jeannie Foxx-VanderMarliere