Jim Dukes


My background is in design/build engineering but I have always had an internal spark for photography. In 2012 I started rehabilitation for a Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD. I realized that as the technical part of my brain is seriously impaired, my creative side is blossoming! I am committed to exploring this form of expression as part of my ongoing rehab and fan the spark for art, into a burning fire. My hope is to inspire others with brain injuries, to find their voice...their expressive outlet thru music, painting, photography, etc., to enhance recovery and better their lives. Life changing health crisis don't have to be an ending, but can be a beginning.

My Photos and PhotoArt are an expression of feelings I have about life and observations of my surroundings. My injuries have damaged my vision and perception so I use that unique perspective to color my lens. My books are a fun way to showcase what I see and do.

Books by Jim Dukes