James Battersby

The north coast of Ireland

I like to write about the places I've been, the different sights I've seen over the world, although i mostly write about my inner feelings towards someone, or something, no matter where i am. I've found myself writing some of my best poems in places so far from home. Examples of this include words written From a hotel room in Memphis where the poem "like pilgrims" was written one morning which is in my book " fractured by the fall" about traveling around America and also the poem "sometimes i forget to see" which is my own personal sadness and guilt over the homeless people I've met on my travels. I've found myself writing poetry over a beer in Frankfurt train station or a youth hostel in Athens among other places. The poem "A blanket through Georgia" was written on a greyhound bus through the night which also is in the book "fractured by the fall". Quite a few poems for "The mute Watchman" were written during various times in London, on Planes, trains and outside the Queens house!!