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Jodie Holstein-Otte has been a full-time professional photographer for over 12 years and operates on location around Maryland.

She began as an artist painting traditional portraits by hand in pastels and oils many years ago, and portrait photography was a natural progression. She strives to maintain realism amongst these days of digital processing and creates images full of warmth and peace with classic rich tones using both natural and studio lighting.

Jodie’s work has been in many local publications as well as nationally in Parenting, American Baby, Brio Magazine, Parents, Fit Pregnancy, InStyle, US Weekly, People,and on Fox News in Baltimore and CNN. Her work has been published in the Big Book of Babies by J.C.Suares, and she is known as the photographer behind the Similac Infant Formula ad campaigns from 2009-2011.

Areas of Expertise

Newborn photography, studio lighting, off camera flash, photo editing, portraits, fine art photography.

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