Joseph Rogers

United Kingdom

Joseph Samuel Rogers was born on 12th October 1991 in Walsall, UK. At the age of 10, he had been torn from his native Black Country and placed in Seaton, Devon, later enrolling at the Woodroffe School, Lyme Regis. Whilst slowly growing fond of the aesthetics of the rural area in which he found himself, the appeal of urban living and a liking for architecture kept his heart in the Midlands. He made some very odd commitments when he was young: he vowed never to go to university, complete the UK driving test, join Facebook, get married or have children. As of 2016, he has kept to his stubborn words. Despite this, he has done many memorable things in his life so far and maintains a lifelong love of cars. Joe hopes to do much more even though, as yet, he has few life ambitions. Staunchly British, Joe also fears he was born too late, having a yearning for cultures of the past and a despising for most modern social trends.

Books by Joseph Rogers