Joseph Rogers

United Kingdom

Joseph Samuel Rogers was born on 12th October 1991 in Walsall, UK. At the age of 10, he had been torn from his native Black Country and placed in Seaton, Devon, later enrolling at the Woodroffe School, Lyme Regis.

Joseph started writing during his school years and released his debut book Running. Nothing. Something. in 2013. The short biographical was a rough, candid account of his experiences running through adolescence.

He turned to a more refined, but still somewhat eclectic, form of prose for his more successful release A Spectrum Of Settlements, which has since been made available in soft and hardcover formats in over 20 countries and territories worldwide.

In addition Joseph is a regular contributor to the Travel Pocket Guide, a sister publication to the award-winning Student Pocket Guide Magazine. He has also written articles, blog entries and comments for the likes of Leger Holidays, Self Publishing Magazine and P3 Pharmacy Magazine.

Books by Joseph Rogers