Joey Podlubny

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Joey Podlubny is a professional photojournalist working for newspapers, magazines, publishers, and corporate clients across Canada.

Before graduating SAIT with a photojournalism degree in 2000, Podlubny starting working for the Calgary Sun newspaper as a freelancer. After graduating in 2001, Podlubny took the position of reporter/photographer for the Banff Crag and Canyon newspaper. During his year in Banff, Podlubny pursued a career in magazine photography which ended up landing him the role as sole photographer/photo editor at JuneWarren Publishing in 2002. Here he oversaw and executed dozens of monthly assignments that took him across Canada. During this time Podlubny also worked on personal projects where he authored "83 Cents", a photography book about Calgary's Streetpeople.
After seven years of full time employment, Podlubny left to pursue his freelance career and started up his own company in 2009. Since then his main clients are magazine publishers based out of Alberta, but

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