Jonas Grushkin

Durango, Colorado, USA

Its been 45 years looking through camera lenses. I miss my days as a darkroom rat. Dodging, burning, toning and flattening, Dip and Dunk color negative, 4 x 4 foot pre-press cameras. Macbeth color analyzers. Syracuse University, Grateful Dead, Tibet. Opening for the Neville brothers playing piano with the Bonus band. Addison Wesley Book publishers. My best friend, dad, who designed books, caligraphed, photographed, glued and cut wood, creating a home that I look back at in admiration. I designed and built my off-the-grid home that is a testament to taking a chance and creating. But improvisation at the piano or in life serves as my road-map for what lies ahead. My photography speaks of generations and experiences that I've crossed paths with. My mother collected books, my father built them. Seems right for me to carry on the tradition. Thanks for listening. Enjoy my collections at Blurb publishers. Jonas

Books by Jonas Grushkin