Jose Lopes Amaral


Jose Lopes Amaral is a Portuguese Designer (Window Display Designer), Photographer and freelance Photo Journalist ( NurPhoto , Pacific Press Agency , NewZulu International, ) born (1977) in Luxembourg and is actually based between Luxembourg, Portugal, Taiwan and other part's of the Asian continent where he work on different projects.

Jose bought his first Camera in 2008 and had an first encounter with Photo Journalism with a small Portuguese Newspaper from the “Editions St.Paul” in Luxembourg , but really got involved in Photography in an intense way on Winter 2013 by having an deeper encounter with Photography. Since than, Jose decide to change his Life!

He moved to the Asian Continent in order to follow his dreams… Today, Jose shoot's the Streets and the daily life of Taiwan and the Cities of China and report big events to the International News as a freelance Photo Journalist.
His main focus is in Street Photography, Documentary Photography and Journalistic Photography…

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