Judah Ivy


Born in 1981, the same year pennies began being coined in zinc rather than copper alloy! A momentous time indeed... I was reborn (no, not reincarnation) somewhere around the beginning of 2000 Anno Domini, after years and years of really wanting what this world had to offer, but then finding out (after lots of time and effort wasted!) that it's really not that great (as Switchfoot calls it, "The Beautiful Letdown"), and then finding out that I really wasn't very good at stopping myself from doing things that I felt guilty for (SIN!), wondering what life would be like if this Jesus and this Bible was really, really true and finally giving up living for myself & begging the real God I read about, seemingly for the first time (Although I'd always religiously read the bible and loved it) the One who came to meet us in space & time as Jesus, to come into my apartment, save me from my sin, and let me know Him - for real, whatever the cost. And yes, as 8 years of experience attests, He did.

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