Dr. Yemonja Smalls


Dr. Yemonja Smalls is an emerging Chicagoland artist who has been creating since she could hold a crayon, marker and brush in hand. With no formal training with the exception of a few undergraduate courses, Yemonja has sought to infuse creativity in all that she does, whether that’s painting on a table, a canvas, or even on her own face. She has sought to find balance in sharing God’s bestowed talents in the pieces she creates with brush.

“Dr. Y,” as affectionately known, is a self taught artist who gives birth to creations in acrylic paint and other mediums. Vibrant and restorative, Yemonja’s work focuses on the intimacies of human relationship through depiction of form. She is known for her greeting cards, murals, furniture embellishment, pottery designs, face and body painting, as well as an apparel and accessory line, Just Human™.