Kevin Babbey

Delhi, Ontario, Canada

The first photograph I remember taking - I was about ten years old - was of a creek cutting a winding dark blue path through wintry scrub. The scene, the moment, compelled me to try to capture it on film.
Most of my life I've lived in a part of Canada not reknowned for rugged, natural beauty. But I've always felt like the wonder and beauty is there, we just have to look for it. But when we look for it, we often find it. I'm guessing that's my parents' influence. Growing up, our parents instilled in my brothers and me an appreciation and respect for God's creation. The first thing God told us about himself is that he's an artist. "In the beginning, God created" are the words he chose to first introduce himself to us. He paints and sculpts on a canvas without edges. Ever changing, ever changeless, his artistry makes you feel like he did it just for you. I think he did. By focusing lens and pen on his handiwork, I try to capture a moment, a feeling. For me. For you.

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