KDB.Karen Dominguez

Portland, Maine, usa

As an Artist she says, " I am inspired by the natural world. The shapes, patterns, colors and form have been making their way into my artwork since I was a child. Over the years I have explored many different mediums in my artistic endeavors. I love Painting with Acrylic and Encaustic, Assemblage and Photography. It seems that Encaustic medium has emerged as my medium of choice. Often times it is a fusing of these mediums that are incorporated into a finished piece. Walking in the garden, along the rocky coast, or exploring a bird filled island, these are the magic moments that feed my imagination and my work. Studying nature and creating a visual narrative is the magic that fills my dream world, day and night.

"Curating an ART Exhibit is an alchemy of Art, Beauty and Energy.", says kdb. She has a background in Design, Photography and is an Encaustic Artist. She is the Curator for The Chocolate Church Performing Arts Center, ART Gallery Annex. She now is Curating at a few Restaurants,

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