Kristine Sitko

Chicago, USA

Kristine Sitko has been involved with photography for more than a decade, and is driven by a need to call out the common elements of human experience as well as celebrate the strengths of our diversity. Also a writer, she has come to accept that not all moments or ideas can be captured with words - that some things affect us on a largely subconscious level - and it is with photography that she hopes to pitch the moth towards the star.

She works with a Cannon EOS digital camera, and is beginning to experiment with vintage cameras from the 1940's and 50's. Her work has appeared in numerous newspapers and on the web, including Collections of her photographs have been accepted for and shown in gallery exhibits in New York, Las Vegas and Atlanta. She is currently working on a number of photo projects with non-profit groups in the greater Chicago area.

Books by Kristine Sitko