Karla Nolan

Fort Collins, Colorado

"Life is an onion and one peels it crying."--French proverb

Escapism. Defying time. Serenity and solace. Reliving treasured moments...the reasons I paint and make artwork. The creative acts are surely the most pleasant and yet difficult of all. Color and form are special friends.The challenge of perfecting artwork is monumental and exhilarating. This effort has grown to be both friend and family, which are the two most important aspects of my life. Judaica is my most challenging art...Hebrew and I don't always get along!

I'm mainly self-taught in art, relying on intuition, experimentation, benefiting from studying books, visiting museums, galleries and learning painting techniques from other artist friends/relatives.I've studied pastels with Clive Tyler, taken oils with Daniel Edmondson. My newest medium is painting on glass, inspired by an Italian master, bringing this art technique home and applying my own topics. My oils are mainly palette knife. "Life is short, use color!"

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