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Ann Dunn
Blurbarian Since February 2011
Name Ann Dunn
Gender Female
My Occupation Working Mother, Student of Life, Artist and Poet
My Bio I refer to myself as a "dartist", a combination of an artist-designer. As my life has progressed, I realize that art is an ongoing process and derives its existence from a particular source. My source growing up as a child was singing and playing the guitar. This creative expression turned to playing hand drums, which turned to playing a drum kit, while in the interim was intertwined with writing poetry for my children. I began to draw. This turned to painting -- everything from the garden fence to the walls inside my house and eventually, I focused on getting the paint on canvas. I am inspired by what I feel and see and often times like to combine original paintings on canvas with computer enhancement techniques.

I hope to continue to pair my artwork with my poetry. One of My Three is my first expression of this harmonious union.

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Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
The poetry that I have written over the years has always had a spiritual overtone, often expressed with a child like perspective. The next book that I will be sharing is a children's book entitled, The Journey of Marisol Parasol Lopez.

More to come...
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