Kate Ware

Calgary, AB, Canada

Kate thinks of herself as a Neo-Renaissance Woman. When she is not ridiculously busy being a wife, mother & friend, she dabbles in various arts/sciences.

Kate grew up and still resides in Calgary, AB, Canada. She is certain that the cold and miserable winters are partially to blame/credit for her lifelong passion for creating things. Well, that and maybe the genes of her hands-on ancestors (farmers, invisible menders, cooks, builders, artists, and even a rumored Contessa).

She was shy and introverted as a child, but around middle school, she began to blossom into the outgoing multi-tasker that she is today. In later years, she studied a variety of subjects, obtaining degrees in Zoology and Psychology, while minoring in Photography. She fully believes in embracing life-long learning.

Some of her interests include: parenting, photography, gardening, scrapbooking, yoga, sewing, DIY projects, being good to the environment, playing with essential oils, and napping.

Books by Kate Ware