Kate Browning Word


I am an artist of contrasts, a country girl living in the city, a mountain lover living by the ocean. My passion for color, shape and texture, and communicating spirituality both inspire and drive all forms of my collage, printmaking and altered photography.

I appreciate traditional craftsmanship, but I often bend the rules to ask, "WHAT IF....?" This adventure spills over into my painted papers, surface design and especially with photography manipulation. I strive to keep this sense of discovery and exploration with each series using elements of shape, line, form and contrast.

I am self-taught & have always had a camera around my neck. I am a farm girl at heart & love macro-photography. I enjoy pushing traditional craftsmanship into art forms that invite my viewer to explore further. I shoot with a Nikon D-3000 18-55mm & 55-200 mm lens. I also create mixed media collage with used coffee filters, discharge-dyed fabrics and images printed on inkjet transparencies.

Books by Kate Browning Word