Photobooks by Katy

Norman, OK

Katy is a recent OU grad and a Norman, OK resident. She lives in her tiny apartment with her husband, Albert, and cat, Sushi. She spends her time working with nonprofits, reading, watching shows on her DVR, and obsessively checking Facebook (okay, she’s a little addicted…). She loves watching Indie Films, volunteering at local animal shelters, Glee, small fuzzy kittens, musical theatre, and spending time with her friends and family.

Katy started creating photobooks when she realized that it was nearly impossible to find a modern, high quality wedding album for a decent price! After endlessly searching for books through private photographers and various websites, she decided that the best and most exciting idea was to simply make one herself. Her love for photobooks grew, as she realized how many precious moments she could turn into tangible memories and gifts. She considers it an honor to be a part of someone’s life and to build a book of memories that can be carried for a lifetime.

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