Kevin C Ferreira


KCF Ferreira
Born: 1982

Influenced by classic animation, philosophy, and fine art, KCF's artworks are a delightful blend of strange thinking and light-hearted design. He approaches his thoughts with an untamed imagination in order to create wild ideas for his art. He once said, "I like to take an idea, pull it out of my head, push it out of the realm of existence, spin it around, put it back into the depths of the earth, and then dig it up to see what I find."

KCF grew up in central Connecticut, USA creating works of art since the time he was three. After attending the New York Film Academy, serving in the army, and working at an Aerospace Laboratory, he decided to finally try and expose his artwork to the world.

"My very first memory of drawing was when I was about three, I drew a rocket ship with crayons and markers. My next memory of art is a paper mache alligator I sculpted and painted."

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