Kenneth Harley

Hong Kong

Ken has been a Christian since 1977 and was a minister's son. He has always felt Jesus in his life.

Ken has never been married and is a graduate from Vanguard University in Southern California and Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin and Hong Kong University

Ken loves the Body of Christ. He grew up in Foursquare and learned a lot in his early adult life from John Wimber, Kenn Gulliksen and the Vineyard. He graduated in his early 30's from Assembly of God and Catholic universities. He has learned to love all that have relationship with Jesus Christ. One of the most valuable lessons he learned while he was teaching in China from Chinese Christians was that he was a part of their family: The family of God.

Ken believes that we are a part of one family of God throughout the earth and through all the ages of man and that we should never forget to love and encourage one another.

Books by Kenneth Harley