Kiwi Fur

United States

Hi! My name is RJ Happel, and I am a freelance artist and director of Kiwi Fur, an independent gallery of digital art, metalpoint sketches, oil paintings, watercolors, and more. Kiwi Fur’s logo is an anthropomorphic kiwi fruit, and the name is inspired by the fuzzy outside of these fruits, not by the bird as some people guess. (Kiwi birds actually have feathers rather than fur; they do look kind of furry, though.) I strive to see the world through a more eccentric lens, and my mission, essentially, is to make the world a bit more quirky and creative than I found it. In addition to books, I also sell prints, clothing, and other products through

Areas of Expertise

The mediums I work in include metalpoint, sumi-e, watercolor paintings, photography, and much more, and you can also find more details about my work at

Books by Kiwi Fur