Sacred Earth Connection


Lucille's work is dedicated to empowering men and women by aligning them with their true, divine nature so they can feel a greater awareness of the sacred within and without. Her recently published book "Sacred Possibilities" (available at Amazon's online store) was written to enable people to:
• Trust yourself, life and your unique path in all situations.
• Harness the boundless power of your intuitive abilities and energy.
• Celebrate who you are on Earth, quirks and all.
• Embrace your sacred, true nature – including your sensuality and sexuality.
• Discover your personal key to living the life you’re meant to live.
• Receive more of the miraculous possibilities that await you.
• Connect with beings of Nature and Spirit.
• Navigate the unknown with greater confidence.
• Understand your fears.
• Witness how the Divine delights in giving beyond your wildest dreams.
• Know you are fully supported on your path.
• Gain a greater perspective of our multi-dimensional, conscious world.

Areas of Expertise

Lucille is a mystic, author and the founder of Sacred Earth Connection™. She's a transmitter of wisdom gained from Spirit insights, Nature teachings and personal experiences. By being a living example of what’s possible when we choose to honour our heart desires and love, she inspires men and women to courageously live their own sacred paths. She has been described as “a shining spirit walking through the forest of life spreading her magic”.

Books by Sacred Earth Connection