Fran W

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My name is Fran and my home base is Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in Bells Beach; a life by the ocean and Australian wildlife. With four younger brothers and supportive loving parents, I have lived, loved and learned.

I never really called myself a photographer, more an enthusiast of great photos; however, some new friends and a new perspective I thought I would try my hand at putting something of my own creativity out there.

I believe that photography should be fun and have an element of spontaneity. I acknowledge the value of patience and setting up a shot, but I also like to see what comes in the moment. Be it with my phone, my Nikon 1 V1, Nikon D300s, or whatever comes next, I shoot for what I like, not for what I think others may like. I look for colour, textures, toning and emotion. Do I have a genre or favourite? Not really. At least not yet. Perhaps one day.

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