Ana Luiza Cortez

New York, USA

I was introduced to photography by my father, years ago. I started with film cameras, the only game in town in those days. Working mostly with black and white film in the darkroom, I was fascinated by the magic of light: seized on film and coming to life on a piece of paper.

I have always been intrigued by the way taking pictures allows me to connect with other persons and unfamiliar environments—even from behind the protective shield of a camera— and how through the revealing viewfinder, I could find and touch—even if slightly— the essence of my subjects and the emotions they transmit. I enjoy taking pictures of people and places. There is so much to uncover, if we only take the time to see when we look.

It has been a vastly gratifying experience. Caught by the digital revolution, I no longer work with film, but black and white remain my favorite colors.

Books by Ana Luiza Cortez