Lena Thynell

Port Matilda, PA, USA

When Lena Thynell paints landscapes from Central Pennsylvania. she concentrates on expressing a feeling or mood, rather than trying to create an exact replica of her subject. To create her sensitive watercolors, she paints with lots of water, and uses high quality paint and paper. She “takes risks” as she creates, giving each work a fresh approach. Originally from Sweden, Lena has received awards in the US for her fine art. Although she once considered painting to be only a hobby, it has now become an important part of her life.
Lena Thynell got her education in watercolor painting at the Gerlesborg Art school/ Sweden.
She is an art instructor at Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania. Watercolor painting started out as a hobby 15 years ago. After a long career as a registered nurse, nurse midwife and department head at the local hospital, in Sweden, watercolor has now become an important part of her life.
Lena has participated in several Juried Art Shows in Sweden as well as in USA.

Books by Lena Thynell