Leslie Davis

Irvine, California, USA

Born in Washington D.C., Leslie grew up, from 3 years old on, in So. California. The San Fernando Valley was a mix of agricullture and family housing that still allowed for interacting with nature. A short period of time living in Karachi, Pakistan due to her Father's State Dept. assignment, actually prolonged the interacting with horses, other wildlife and being enamored with the outdoors. Returning to Southern Cal. in the mid 60's actually was a culture shock, as freeways and development had taken over the open spaces. Once reaching college age, she migrated to Orange County, sleepy by comparison to Los Angeles. She graduated from U.C. Irvine majoring in art, with a minor in biology. From her mid 20's through mid 40's she realized her potential as an athlete and coach, racing Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes, achieving several World Championships. Horses, a passion that seemed financially out of reach, finally are the focus of her recreation and lead to the writing of this book.

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