Lil Judd

Sylmar, California, USA

I started photographing with a Kodak Instamatic when I was nine (9) years old. Won the money on Bingo with my grandparents & father. Over the years I kept photographing with different cameras which belonged to my father & the Kodak camera.

I went to the University of Stockholm & studied Film Analysis when I bought my first real camera, a Nikon FM. My wish was to photograph Wildlife & Nature, but I had not money for such lenses.

Then I moved to Los Angeles to study Film Production & graduated from Columbia College then located in Hollywood. My main interest was Cinematography & I kept practicing with my Nikon FM.

Many years past & a few years ago I got a Nikon D200. I spent a few years getting to understand digital photography & about a year ago got involved in starting a photography group. Out of that came a lot of trips to locations all over Los Angeles.

I was suddenly able to spend the money on the lenses needed for this kind of wildlife photography.

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