Liliana Nicolau

V.N.Gaia, Portugal

I'm a portuguese photographer in the beginning of career. I have a graduation in Audovisuals Comunication's Techniques - Expertise in Photography, followed with a master degree in Audovisual Communication - Expertise in Documentary's Photography & Cinema.

I like many things related to this art, not only the developing of photographic projects but also work in publicizing them and creating exhibitions!

I have a certain passion with documentary photography and photojournalism. I developed several projects during college, which two of them ended in two exhibitions: the first one was about "Revista", an historic and specific portuguese type of theater, in "Parque Mayer", and the second one was at "IPO" Oporto (Oncology Portuguese's Institute) with children.

Right now I'm working as a freelancer and an author photographer, but I'm always open to new challenges and opportunities of work!

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