Lisa Errera


Inspired by photographers, such as Robert Frank, Walker Evans and Robert Adams, four years ago I began working as a black&white film photographer trying to freeze everyday life on the streets of NYC. I have always had an interest in capturing scenarios within a frame that is drained of all color, forcing viewers in focus on the moments that I have paused. Though, as every artist grows, I became comfortable with the camera and moved onto digital color photography because I found myself intrigued by cutting out images as they were seen by me; a more natural look. I love to photograph whatever stands out to me: an expression, a beautiful composition of colors, a stirring up of an emotion, something that can never be seen ever again. I love to show what I see as almost untouched; as if the edges of the photograph are outlines of a window. I always want my viewers to have their own interpretations of my work and am fascinated by their views & opinions.
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