Alana Ortiz


Alana Ortiz,(born July 7,1999) is an American artist, author, and actress. Born in Indiana. At the age of four, Alana moved to Rhode Island, which inspired her to write. Her writings received exciting feedback. Alana is best known for her artistic work. Receiving high grades in art and poetry. Teachers as Mrs. Lynch praised Alana for her talent. Claiming it's unusual for a child her age to write such wonderful scripts at the age of 5. She encouraged her to continue much of her time in art and poetry.
Alana loves to play the piano, violin, guitar, paint/draw, act, and write stories and comics. Alana loves animals and has future plans in helping them.

Alana appeared in films, including films on Sundance FF and on MTV jams and MTV2.

Professional Roles:

The Discarded, directed by Kevin Manning

Fancypants 2010, directed by Joshua Russell

Last Dance, music film by Grazyna Auguscik

Dear Shooter by Kidd Russell

Books by Alana Ortiz