Lloyd Goradesky Photography

Hollywood, Florida

Lloyd Goradesky uses the camera to capture those indelible images that express the special moments of time. Whether the focus is to capture the 'wedding kiss' between the bride and groom or the spread wings during flight of an eagle, my images demonstrate wonderful human behavior and emotion.

Areas of Expertise

I love photography and everything about it. I make sure that my staff has the same drive and desire to want to learn how to photograph and create new images. Photography is a personal challenge that allows me to find the flaw and to then learn to perfect it.

Professional Affiliations

From volunteering to photograph families at the holiday christmas tree church sale to helping the Marine Animal Rescue Society document strandings and save marine mamals, 'volunteering to help' is an important creed. Photography has allowed me to find a way to 'Give back to the Community' which is an important personal motto.

Books by Lloyd Goradesky Photography