Lori McLeod Wilke


After 16 years of genealogy research and 10 years of YDNA genetic research, I realized it was time to put it all into a format that would allow everyone to get to know our ancestors no matter what their level of interest. This series of books will tell our family story through both fiction and fact hopefully satisfying both the reader who is a genealogist and the one who is simply interested in hearing a bit of their family history.

Each Volume in the series will have a Companion Book that will contain transcribed and scanned documents that were used in telling the story of our ancestors. These Companion Books are created more for the genealogist who wants to have the records in their own files.

Volume 2 - The War Between The States will contain information not only on our McLeods; information on all aligned family's will also be included.

Thank you for your interest and Happy Researching!

Books by Lori McLeod Wilke