Laurel Kriigel

Shenandoah Valley, VA

When Laurel Kriigel was around 1 year old her family received their first cat, a seal point Siamese named Maggie. And of course, there can never be just one cat, so another came, a gray Maine Coon that weighed nearly 20 pounds but went by the name of Little Foot. And following him came a pair of Labradors to keep the cats in line although they were never very good at that. It wasn't until Laurel was 12 years old did she get a cat of her very own, a gray Siamese Mix that her mom bought from the local neighbor boys for a mere $6. That was ten years ago and it was that little $6 kitten that has inspired her to write this book and become a cat photographer.

Currently, Laurel Kriigel lives in the Shenandoah Valley with the $6 cat where they go on many adventures, mostly sleeping ones.

Books by Laurel Kriigel