Nancy Ridenour

Ithaca, NY, USA

Nancy Ridenour Bio
Flowers and gardening have been central to my life. I taught biology at Ithaca High School for thirty-two years and always incorporated these interests into my classroom. My family has been in the landscaping and florist business in the Schenectady area since the late 1800’s, so I grew up with the beauty and smell of flowers. This background has had a tremendous impact upon my life and photography.
At Cornell, I majored in biology, but had a strong interest in art and followed Picasso as an artist. His paintings and sculptures resonated with my artistic interests. Since that time, many of my artistic endeavors reflect the Picasso energy. This includes wood and metal sculptures, as well as digital photography.
I take digital photos and then adjust them in Photoshop.The montages were initially primarily of the beautiful lotus flower, but have expanded to include NYC architecture and the sculptures in the Cornell Plantations Arboretum. I have expanded my focus to mac

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