Adopt a Cat Guide


Paolo Marra and Jacqueline Barros are both animal welfare activists and rescuers.
After many years of dedicating themselves to helping homeless animals, they realized that, in most cases, all health problems, abuse, and abandonment suffered by these companion animals are mainly due to the owner's lack of education regarding their pet’s real needs, traits and natural behaviors.
Not knowing how to adequately care for their pet plus a series of unrealistic expectations about their behavior, often lead the adopter to neglect and even abandonment.
Therefore, this illustrated guide on cats, incredibly quick and easy to read, targets two major objectives: Help adopters get some basic knowledge on their feline friend’s needs and prevent abandonment and irresponsible adoptions.
Moved by their own personal experience, Paolo and Jacqueline decided to take their activism to the next level by writing this compelling book to reach adopters around the world.

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