Manuel Sanchez

Oak Park, IL, USA

Manuel Sánchez was born in Bélmez, Córdoba, Spain. At The age of two, his parents brought him to the United States, where he has lived for practically his whole life. He now lives in Malaga, Spain.

His painting style is Realistic-Impressionism, particularly in oil. He enjoys painting wild animals, religious themes and portraits, but will paint any subject that captures his artistic senses. His devotion and inspiration for Spanish themes, such as Flamenco, Bullfighting and the wild Spanish bull make him a particular and interesting artist. He is a very hard worker and will never sign a painting until his heart and soul tell him it is finished. Like his dancing, his paintings are filled with love, fire, passion, feeling and improvisation.

He has been an artist and Flamenco dancer for over 40 years. His style of painting is emotional, vibrant, and at times, explosive. His love for the Arts have taken him halfway round the world, enjoying every minute of it.

Books by Manuel Sanchez