Manuela Wutschke - GlassArt


What fascinates me about glass?
It’s the material itself, this symbiosis with the flame, this mystery called glass. Creating a small wonderful world in a bead is so exciting - you have so many possibilities to fantasize to the fullest. It’s simply magic and today I am happy to be a fulltime glass artist.

In the summer of 2004 I discovered the art of glass beadmaking. Creating unique wonderful art in my studio has become a real passion for me.

I love to take a painterly approach to glass using bold and brilliant colors and exploring a variety of techniques creating a painting in motion of colorful abstractions of flora and fauna using my intuition while working on surface design as a collage of shards, murrine, dots, a variety of stringer and twisties, layering colors and also playing with the ability to create depth and interest by working with transparent and opaque areas

I have the most beautiful job of the world ♥