Mark Acetelli

Los Angeles, ca

I utilize a mixed media of oils, charcoal, tar, and wax. I then create layers upon layers of paint that I build up and tear down, through this process the painting reveals itself to me. I also like to incorporate the use of words and phrases,through this process I seek to evoke a feeling rather than depict a defined image. One that is ever changing in all it’s complexities from the fragile to the seductive, beautiful to the mysterious.
My most recent paintings are inspired by what I call the “elegance of decay”. Things that are distressed, old and weathered as if the hands of time have stripped and eroded the surface of the painting to reveal a beauty all of there own.
As a self- taught artist. I let the muse come to me and then let it spill onto the canvas, like a river to the sea, It is a intense creative process that is both primal and visceral. Pure emotion in motion. As if the painting paints itself, I am merely a conduit, that transcends from the intangible to the tangible.

Books by Mark Acetelli