BAO Bruce Allen Oatway

Maui Hawaii

Bruce Allen Oatway aka BAO, is an American poet,singer/songwriter, producer,drummer and teacher.
Born in Newport, R.I. he graduated from the prestigious Roger Williams University Creative Writing Program under the tutelage of Robert McRoberts, Poets Robert Bly, William Stafford, James Tate and Robert Creely. He was editor and co-founder of Aldeberan ,a Literary Journal of New England.
Developed as a multi-instrumental musician he toured Europe and made many cross country tours across America & Canada. He settled in California and began teaching and recording in Los Angeles releasing his 1990 hit 'Summer Rain" and his first book of poetry " The Snow Leopards Tracks". The CD" Zumaster" was released in 2001 followed by "The Frost Cabin", his second book of poems.
Moving to Maui he released 3 music CDs :Transformagical",Live On Maui" and the soundtrack to "Welcome To Forever".
He wrote the children's book "The Magic Star" published by Moonwishes Media. 2016

Books by BAO Bruce Allen Oatway