Carole F Smith

Houston, Texas,USA

I live in Houston, Texas with my american husband Sean and our four crazy cats that keep life very interesting.

I'm originally from Edinburgh, spent 15 years in London, doing my degree and postgraduate in ceramics and then
spent five years running my own business; Candy's Chandies, making and designing lights and chandeliers, which I sold in shops, museums, art galleries all over the world.

I recently 'Quit My Day Job" and started a business called McCheek's Academy where I teach ceramics after school classes ,adult evening classes and summer camps.
I love to make my own ceramics too, I 'm really into slip casting and I still love the feeling of opening the kiln and seeing what surprises are inside.

I can't stop making things, its the only way I keep sane.

I'm also obsessed about taking photos, you can check some of them out on:

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