Curtis McHardy

City, State, Country Atlanta GA US

Curtis McHardy, born 1962, he grew up in Guaico Tamana in Trinidad and Tobago. His earliest concept of nature was the outside world beyond the reach of his parent’s watchful eyes. He lived on a 22-acre estate where his family grew cocoa, coffee, bananas, and oranges. Everything that was relevant to him took place there. Young McHardy spent his time fishing, swimming in the rivers, and picking all the fruits he could eat. It was the place where all of his boyish adventures began. However, all of that came to a halt when his family migrated to New York in 1974. Only later would he discover the profound aesthetic and spiritual impact the natural world had on his life.

Curtis McHardy’s photographic work uses imagery from a variety of natural and man-made environments throughout the world. His lens captures the spirit of humanity as well as radiates the inner energy of stationary objects. The most vibrant of human scenes, indicative of everyday life in diverse countries across the gl...

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