Melinda Player


My name is Melinda and I have loved writing from a young age. My mum told me to write down my feelings when I couldn’t say them out loud and I think that’s where my love for writing came from because as I write it’s like my soul is set free!
Growing up I wrote books and folders full of poetry. Some of these were published in magazines and I won competitions!
I then began writing songs and fell in love with how music and words could work together. Plus I met a guitarist who I later married :) We spent hours writing songs together and I even wrote some songs for his band but when I couldn’t do that anymore I…
Then tried something different and wrote for others, which is what you will find on this sight and on my personal page.
My writing is inspired by life, love, emotions but now it’s also about experiences, family and my son!
I hope you enjoy a piece of my heart….